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House of Beef

Home of the Tri Tip


Since 1979, House of Beef has been serving mouth watering steaks to residents and visitors to Oakdale, CA. Home of the best seasoned Tri Tip.



House of Beef, Oakdale CA

Not Your Ordinary Restaurant

House of Beef is more than just a family friendly restaurant. We offer choice grade cuts in our retail center, catering services for all occassions, and custom cutting and packaging in our processing and smoking facility.

Established 1979

Family Owned

The House of Beef in Oakdale was founded April 2, 1979 by Steve and Cindi Medlen. Steve is a 3rd generation meat processor who learned the trade from his father and uncles. In the mid 1980’s Steve built his first BBQ on wheels and began barbequing steaks, ribs and chicken at local events. Ever expanding, by 1989 House of Beef included a state of the art smoke house, a vacuum tumbler used for tenderizing meat, and additional meat packing equipment. 

By the late 1990’s Steve had a complete food processing facility, a second kitchen, and the restaurant you see today. Steve remains true to his roots and continues to offer full-service meat processing such as custom smoking & curing of ham, bacon, fish and poultry, the processing of custom ranch-raised animals, and providing USDA Choice meats for home use and large social events.

House of Beef Sign

Only the Best

Fresh Ingredients, Tasty Meals

One thing is for sure, you will be amazed by the savory flavors of our chefs cooking as much as our generous portion sizes!


From our delicious shrimp dipped in red hook ale and fried to a golden crisp, fried calimari, or stuffed jalapeno poppers, we offer an assortment of appetizers sure to please.

Soups  & Salads

We offer an array of chicken or steak salads served with fresh mixed greens, vine ripe tomatoes, various cheeses, and a plethora of seasonings from which to choose.

From the Grill

From our signature Mesquite grilled and Seasoned Tri-Tip, our prime cuts, a Teriyaki-marinated chicken breast, or Savory Shrimp Scampi – we both surf and turf.

Two Hand Hold Ems

Oversized sandwiches ranging from a juicy chuck beef burger to an overstuffed tri tip sandwich. All come with soup & salad and your choice of chili beans or french fries.

Sweet Endings

Indulge in our signature apple dumpling or a rich and gooey triple layer chocolate cake. We also offer the classic ice cream sundae, cheesecake, or cookie a la mode.

Take Out

Available Monday – Saturday, 4pm – 9pm. These easy to-go Dinners include: 16oz. of Homemade Chili Beans, 4ea. 3″ Ears of Com on the Cob (2-full ears), a Loaf of Garlic French Bread.

What People are Saying

“A Great Find”

So glad we stumbled on this hidden jewel on our last trip to Yosemite. We will make this a part of our trip moving forward.

Diane P

“Fabulous food & flawless service”

“The waitstaff is super friendly and their service is equivalent to a 5-star restaurant.”

Blake L

“Lived up to Tri Tip Reputation”

There is no doubt a reson they are touted as home of the Tri Tip. I have never tasted any as good as the experience I had here.

Eric A


“An all out authentic Western meal experience.

Nancy J

Hours of Operation

MON-THU 11am-8pm
FRI-SAT 11am-9pm
Holiday Hours Vary

MON-SAT 9am-6pm


Drop Us a Line

Don’t be shy. Let us know if you have any questions!

Have You Tried our Tri Tips?

Sometimes we like to get creative and will be offering some pretty unique specials. You can catch them here!

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